Lately he's been listening to Hank, Willie, George and Merle

Lately he's been thinkin' about a friend who used to be his girl

And it ain't so much the loneliness that's tuggin' at his sleeve

It's just this stubborn sadness that he can't get to leave

                                                                                      Old And Worn Out


Dave Reader is a natural story teller.  From the opening track on his third release, The Price of Hay, the Alberta born singer-songwriter weaves a compelling narrative of sadness and loss colliding with ever so subtle strains of hope and joy.  Citing Bruce Springsteen and Fred Eaglesmith as influences, the Americana leaning, country-roots artist has big boots to fill but relishes every lyrical endeavor.  From his home in the woods near Rocky Mountain House, Dave conjures up characters reminiscent of a John Ford film; characters beleaguered and run down but still clutching the faint hope of a better tomorrow.  "I've always loved songs that tell a story.  Simple, moving accounts of real people leading ordinary lives; stories we can all relate to."  

Dave comes by his down to earth approach honestly.  Born into a small town, working class family, he acquired a first hand perspective on the lives lived by everyday folk, both the good and the ugly.  Not being one to express himself socially, Dave would instead sit back and observe, making mental notes which would serve him well in years to come.  "I was always a bit of an introvert, never really fitting in.  When I discovered music, a whole new world opened up for me.  In songwriting I found a voice, a way to express what I never could before."  

Referred to by some as Alberta's best kept secret, this smokey voiced troubadour has proven that he does have something to say, and a uniquely appealing way of saying it.